Terms and Condition

We provide various offset printings in Chennai and printing services all over India. Sai Creatives offset printing Service Company in Chennai provides following designing services like,

Terms and Condition - Please read carefully

  1. While using our website for printing service you agree to bound the terms and condition and guidelines to each and every services subject to within the terms and services.
  2. Sai creatives have rights to update or modify terms and condition at any time without any prior information.
  3. Before placing the order it is necessary for the clients to read and clearly understand about the terms and condition.
  4. We are not responsible for any spelling, errors and grammatical mistake made by customers in proof. We will print as it appears in the original proof given by the client while ordering the printing services.
  5. We are also not responsible for any postal or courier damages while shipping the products to the customers.
  6. So, no reprint or return of amount is guaranteed for damages mentioned in point no 3 & 4.
  7. Kindly check the proof copy clearly before printing of the services. No modification will be allowed after the proof correction.
  8. Payment mode is allowed for two things such as transferring amount directly to our account or by cash payments. No cheque payments are allowed.
  9. Value added tax (VAT), Sales Tax is collected for every order placed based on the printing services.
  10. We are not responsible for any shipping delay caused by postal departments or couriers departments.
  11. Price variation is based on the rise and fall of the materials in the markets.
  12. We own the copyright for each designs developed or created by sai creatives belongs to our printing company and should not be used by third party without our permission ( written permission such as agreement).
  13. These all terms and condition and contract with the customers is governed in accordance with English Law. English court has rights to take jurisdiction action with connect to any issues raised by the customers.